Brilliant modal interchange video


Love this. Thanks for posting.

Wow!! Eye opening and brilliant!

I love these little videos, and this is exactly how scaler is intended to simplify. Want some variety? Change the whole chord progression (key change) ? Borrow one chord (Modal Interchange)? Play with chord textures?
It goes to show that chords on their own meaning nothing, but they set up for beautiful and unexpected harmony. Change the base mixture and the whole thing will taste different. Scaler helps us experiment with that base mixture easy enough without ever pretending to be a panacea to songwriting. Thanks for sharing.


THANKS for this. I have played music since a boy, taken odd assortment of music lessons, reading, etc, learnt, recorded tons of covers. But most of my knowledge has been self discovered. I’ve done chord progressions like that, but only known they ‘sounded good or right’… In my later years taking music theory, which I should have done years ago. Now I can be conscious of this particular process, and know it will give me a feeling I want to express it.

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I can really relate. I’ve been trying to piece together the missing bits of theory - like what is the formula for a good sounding modulation. I was really turned off in uni by the heavy emphasis on classical music theory exclusively, so I probably missed important information back then! Tools like Scaler are helping me to work out how jazz works without having to pay a teacher to teach me irrelevant stuff.

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Jazz Duets is a top quality channel.