Can a progession be 'bound' to more than one octave?


Currently I do the following:

  1. Have Scaler detect the scale I am working in.
  2. Select a scale.
  3. Bind the scale to the keys on my keyboard.
  4. Record a progression using the ‘bound’ chords.
  5. Bounce to MIDI and turn off bind.

I was wondering if when a scale is bound to an octave, can it be spread over multiple octaves? For example, if I first play a Cmin and the second chord I want is an Fmin but I want it the F to play lower not higher, the only way I can see to do it is to copy the chords into a sequence and manually edit the octave of the note to make it play lower. It would be much easier if I could just spread the bound scale across the entire keyboard and play multiple octaves that way.

Any ideas?

That’s what section C is for. Copy scale chords to pattern one. Duplicate than transpose pattern 2 up or down an octave. Do that as many times as needed. Bind all patterns and play.


Thanks a lot. That’s just what I was looking for.

I think @jamieh needs to be appointed as ‘Honorary Director of User Support’.

I’m just thinking about @ed66’s honorarium… (and there are other stars…)

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One other point is you can change the octave in edit mode. You can lasso all chords to change them all at once up or down by octave, etc.

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Very flattered, but lets not single any one user for honours, although I do agree that @jamieh deserves the gratitude of many members (inlcuding myself). Also you, @panda, have made significant contributions here and deserve thanks.

Ahhhh, I hadn’t intended it to come out like that, and I noted there were many stars. It just struck me the Jamie had had a recent flurry of batting out multiple Mac queries. I salute you for the detailed tutorial guidance, which I always read and learn something from.