Can different patterns have unique performances?

Can different patterns have unique performances eg. Pattern 1 = arp Pattern 2 = strumming?

Don’t think so… ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@hi @PeterDan57

Yes you can have unique performances for individual patterns. In fact you can have individual performances for each block/chord within a pattern.

To do this see Introduction to Using Playback Performances to Give Interesting Melodies

I’m still learning my way, but the answer is definitely yes. There are several ways to do this that leap to mind. Let’s say you’ve created two different 8-bar chord progressions on a track with the Scaler plug-in…:

  1. First, you can duplicate that track, and use Track A for the first progression with its distinct arp performance, and Track B for the second progression and its strummed performance.
  2. Second, you can use MIDI binding. In the Pad screen, where you’ve laid out your two progressions, you can bind the chords to Trigger notes (and key switches, for simplicity). Duplicate that track, set the performance mode differently for each track, and use the Triggers & Keyswitches to trigger whichever chords you want in whatever sequence you want.
  3. You can record the MIDI into the DAW, and rearrange it, change performances and expressions, edit the MIDI, etc.
  4. You can Live Sync several Scalers on several tracks. Each track can have a completely independent performance. You’ll want to want to mute the strum track and its chord progression when the arp track is playing, and vice versa.

There may be ways to change performance modes on a single track, but it’s not occurring to me right now.

Thank you so much Scaler people :blossom:. So helpful.
I will check these options out properly very soon.