Can I only select chords? Copy chords from a physical paper with buttons

Is it possible to select chords via buttons, without modification and export as midi?

I have a physical paper with chords I want to get into my DAW (piano roll), I don’t want to modify them (yet) or create progressions. Is it possible to bring up all possible chords in Scaler 2 as buttons, select them and then export as midi or copy to my DAW?

Welcome to the forum. That is more or less what Scaler does. If you have the demo version just play with it a bit and you’ll see how it works. The basic learning curve of Scaler is very easy. As you get to know the program better you’ll find a lot of possible ways to work with it. Watch the videos on youtube about it for the fastest way to get started. Good luck.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

The short answer is that you can enter chords into Scaler on the CHORD page. I have posted a short tutorial in theTutorials topic, which I think will answer your question.

But why going through Scaler then?

There are dedicated software to do that, notably notation softwares

“But don’t think it means you can’t write out your music, as some of the best music notation software will detect your writing and convert it directly.”