Can Scaler 2 “Drive” EZ Keys?

I’ve finally figured out (with help from people here) how to integrate Scaler 2 for chord & melody development with EZ Keys for great piano performances grooves. But I still can’t figure out: Can Scaler 2 drive EZ Keys directly?

With other VST instruments, it’s easy to route Scaler through them. I use it with various Kontakt patches all the time. But the best I’ve been able to manage with EZ Keys is I can get the piano sound, but the grooves don’t sync.

My Scaler-EZ Keys workflow involves dragging the Scaler chord progression onto the EZK timeline, then separately dropping an EZK groove onto the time line. Works great, but if I want to make changes in the progression, it’s kind of laborious. There doesn’t appear to be a way to sync Scaler and EZK so they play together more directly.


I don’t think it is doable because EZKeys is a MIDI based tool and all nuances and articulations are embedded in their MIDIs

The same applies to any other MIDI/Sample-based tool AFAIK: if you send them notes or chords, they just produce notes or chords with a better sound, compared to Scaler stock instruments, but nothing more than that, unless you apply their MIDI patterns


conceptually the Scaler MIDI could drive their “play along” type of performance (or even the Scaler audio out using their “Audio Sender”)

Yes, but the piano will sound like a synth, not a piano played by a pianist