Can scaler 2 export bass line separately?

Bass line is the foundation of music. I hope I can quickly get rhythm types of various music classifications according to music classification. This allows for faster music production. At present, scaler is perfect in chords. I hope it can export bass rhythm and other music elements separately

Hi @swingmix,
have you tried the Expressions called Rhythms? Those work well for rhythmic bass patterns.

I ended up copying MIDI out for the melody then copying it in Logic to a bass synth before then going into the midi and cutting out the notes I didn’t want. In effect splitting the midi (at B2 in this instance) and using that to pull out a bass line which I could then work on, knowing it was based around the arpeggiations I had started with.

Basically treating Scaler as though the two instruments were layered, something I could have done in Logic had I thought, but doesn’t quite work for anything except very simple cases.

Hey @JonSeyton, at this stage something that could ease the work is by using Dynamic Grouping on your chords prior to drag them, this way a range selection of the bass notes will be easier.

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Thanks. I’ve only really been doodling so far and need to go through all the videos, so I’m sure there’s a lot I haven’t spotted yet!

In addition to @luapmartin suggestions:


Hope to join bass playing mode as soon as possible. I want to have a catalog of artists and a catalog of music categories. Such as pop, hiphop, RNB, dance, house, trance… Etc