Can scaler show the current degree scale being played?

Hello, I would like to see visually what scale degree I am improvising while live playing. Is it a feature that is currently possible? will it be possible one day?

Hi @walimaga

Can you just clarify this a bit, please? When you say

I assume you are talking about the scale degree of the melody. So, for example, if you are playing in the scale of C major and you play a G it is the fifth note of the C major scale. But if you want to know the degree so that you can harmonise the note,it is worth noting that G is a note in 3 triads in the C major scale:
I - Cmaj ( C,E,G)
iii - E min (E,G,B)
V - G maj (G.B.D)

But G is also a note in two altered chords within the scale:

ii sus 4 - D min sus 4 (D,G,A)

IV sus 2 - F maj sus 2 (F,G,C)

It is also a note in the A min 7 chord, again within the scale, which is the 6th degree of the scale.

And finally it is part of the Bdim#5 chord (B,D,F,G)!

What this illustrates is that there is no single harmony that is “right”. You need to compose a harmony that fits with your melody. And how you do that is the art of composing.

I don’t know if this will help you, but I hope it will encourage you to experiment with different harmonies.

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Hello, thanks for your answear. I wasn’t talking about showing the scale degree from a melody standpoint but rather from a chordal standpoint.
In the key of C major, when actually live playing a C chord, I would like to visually see “I”. If I play a C sus4, I want to visually see “I sus4” etc.
Currently, there is no software, to my knowledge, that can achieve this.

That’s funny I just found one my own thread on this very subject, back in 2021 aha…