Can’t create command mapping ‘Navigate to Pattern’ with a Note?

Hello! When I am in the pad view, I’m attempting to ‘create command mapping ‘navigate to pattern’ to assign low notes (C-2, etc) to select each pattern, but when the ‘press any key or midi’ window opens, and I press C-2, nothing happens, and the save button is still greyed out. I can send cc’s and it works, but not notes.
Keep up the great work!

You can’t assign midi notes as a controller. When it says any key it’s referring to your computer keyboard. MIDI is for cc midi messages i.e. controller messages from mod wheel, control sliders, etc.

Hey Jamieh,
So when I go to the pad view, there are notes assigned to select each pattern already - I can’t change these note assignments?
Thanks for the reply!

You can go into preferences under the gear on the upper right. There you can several things — you can change from all white keys to black and white keys, change the octave up or down and by semi tones up or down. So you could move that pad section to a place on your keyboard that might be more comfortable for you. If you have a Push type controller you can use that to control pads but they are still assigned to keys ultimately.

Thanks Jamieh! Appreciate the responses :+1:

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