Can we get a listing of cord durations for the various PERFORM modes?

Does anyone have a listing showing Chord lengths of all the Scaler Perform modes?

It would save some of us a bunch of time if we could just look up a perform mode and know what the chord duration is. Currently we must stumble on it or look for it manually by reviewing the midi visually or audibly. Since some patterns are more obvious with certain instruments than others the audible method is error prone.

These unknown lengths can introduce some mystery variation when you are building or playing complex sequences. If you don’t know to look for it, you’ll wander aimlessly in the woods until a musical forest nymph comes to your rescue…or not.

A simple table with Performance Type / Family / Instance (or whatever your ontology is) and Chord length would be very useful.


I’d give this a +1, but I’ve found, and I’m still finding, the best way in is brute force listening sessions. Put up a basic chord Pattern, loop it and change settings. Some Performances (all types) are two bars, some longer. I don’t think I’ve found a performance more than four measure, but I can’t say I’m sure about that. It’s been fun to hold a chord and find out, “oh, there’s more.”

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There are more things in Scaler and music, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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Keep searching, you’ll find them. :slight_smile:

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2.4.1 had 1318 ‘expressions’ in it. so my guess for 25.5.x (not counted them) is maybe 1500 or so; so it’s brute force with lashings of patience, I guess :wink:

… or the ‘boss’ tells you to clear the snow from the drive, maybe. {I take it you’re a skier ?}

I wondered where Park City was, so I wandered down main street having a look courtesy of Google Street view. Very pretty. My eye caught both Berkshire Hathaway and Southeby’s realtors, which sort of positioned the village :astonished:


Hi from Canada. Well, I believe this should be an actual request to Scaler’s development staff. What do you think?

Hey Jacques

The team keeps a pretty close eye on the forum so I suspect they will chime in if there is anything we could use. I thought I’d wait a bit to see if I get a response but, in the meantime, I’m starting to catalog on my own with things like this:

Thanks for chiming in.

Don’t see anything after “I’m starting to catalog my own things like this:”
There is a broken picture sad face.

Scaler Perform mode, keep the status quo and keep updating it.

I think there are two important designs that will make SCALER more playable.

1: add an arpeggiator. You can refer to the ARP of VPS AVENGER

2: add selection style, generate BASS, rhythm, CHORD rhythm, ETC (CAPTAINCHORD 6 will be implemented soon)

Still broken? Should be Soundcloud embedded player or link

Now it’s there. It was a while ago I left the note.