Can we spread the blind midi to all keys?

Can we spread the blind midi to all keys, for example, the chord we choose in pattern 1 remains fixed on c1, all other keys are notes or degrees of that chord, or when we send any midi pattern to the scaler, how can we ensure that it becomes compatible with that chord, or is there a feature to listen to any midi channel for the scaler, so that when we direct the midi channel to scaler 2 and mute the chords in scaler 2, something that will make it fit the pattern.

Hi @mybrother

If I understand you correctly what you want is for the chord blocks in Pattern 1 to be binded to keys C1 - B2, the the chord blocks in Pattern 2 to be binded to C2 - B3 and so on, is that correct?

I don’t want to trigger chords, I want to optimize any midi pattern to the chords I set up in the scaler, for this, the green keys seem to work for me, but the patterns in the midi patterns, for example, one hits c2 while the other hits c5, the blind tab gives us very little space.

What is the Blind Tab? I don’t have a clue what you mean.

I am now confused about what you are trying to achieve. Can you clarify it please?

why can’t we spread the green keys here over the whole keyboard it would be nice to play any midi pattern here and harmonize it with the chords

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Co sign this feature request.

It will especially be nice to have voice grouping on and be able to play in a range defined by you without having to make patterns etc etc, sometimes a bigger play range is all we need and currently it’s not possible @davide

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hey I solved this problem!

Could you elaborate on it some more? Also an internal solution is preferred imo. Anyway thanks for pointing me to alternatives…