Can you allow us to move notes from the detection (section A) to section C?

Hey guys;
Would it be an easy add to let us move notes we catch in detection down into patterns? At the moment we can remove them but not act on them (as far as I can tell) If they are detected, there is at least a chance we would want to use them.

I know we can edit a chord down to a single note or even play a note while editing a rest, but using detect mode on patterns catches some interesting progressions that rely on single notes, as well as chords, and it is a PITA to reproduce longer sequences by hand.

As always…thanks for all your efforts!

Like this?

Exactly…but neither of my systems will let me drag them down. I thought I could do it in the past but no joy when I try it now. I’ve tried from both Scaler and ScalerAudio (current versions) The chords drag (and expose right click actions) but the notes won’t budge. I tried looking through the settings but did not see anything that might be related.

Any ideas?

You are right, this is most peculiar. Even more so, how the nomenclature of single notes in section A is different than in section C. I wonder if a “simple” change in the Scaler code into representing single notes as “Unison” the same way this is already implemented in section C would be a “quick fix”. Now as a former programmer I fully realize how non-trivial such seemingly “easy” changes (from a user perspective) can be :slight_smile:

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There are so many ‘easy’ suggestions, but even implementing straightforward things is still time and priority taken away from other features. It’s always difficult to balance the cost v benefit, or more specifically how many people would want that and how many other complications may it caus… Thanks for feedback as usual we will discuss.

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