Can you export Scaler midi directly to Captain Chords

I created midi in Scaler. How can I easily export it from Scaler and import it into Captain Chords?

I do not think it could be. I tried many times and failed.
The quickest thing I got was choosing a similar progression in the Captain Chords presets and then adjusting the mismatched chords manually.

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I don’t think you can drag and drop midi onto Captain Chords, can you? If not I don’t think there is an easy way.

To export a midi clip from Scaler, once you have captured it just drag it onto your DAW.

To get this clip into Captain Chords I think you will have to export (or save it: NB if you are using Ableton Live as your DAw be aware you must export it to create a midi clip) the midi clip and then import it to Captain Chords.

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Midi import appears to have been introduced in Epic, although I haven’t actually checked this out, so not sure what the process might be. I’ll have a go and report back.


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any joy with this working Yorkeman ?? ta

I just tried, and can confirm @ed66 's supposition that it can import midi files, but does not support drag /drop is correct.

Clicking on the ‘Import Midi’ button gives you the option of transposing an input file to the scale in CCE (if appropriate) or changing Captain to that key. So you just need an app that can accept dragged files and then save them as mids. I’ve got several tools for this, but happened to use MidiYodi in this test, as it’s quick.

Once in Captain. it behaves like any Captain generated midi.