Can you send mod wheel data (and other midi CC) when you use scaler as a midi port output for another vst?

Hello So I am playing inside Scaler with my midi keyboard, but my DAW outpout the sound of another VST because I sent scaler to ouput “6” and my vst instrument to input “6”.

That said, I work inside an orchestral template and would like to be able to send midi CC (modwheel) to control the dynamics of my strings as I play / record for exemple. Is this possible ? I use FL STUDIO


up, anyone please ?


Hi @walimaga,

Scaler does pass MIDI through so you shouldn’t have any problems with your modwheel. Have you set up your instruments the same way as in this tutorial?

Yes, it does but there appears to be a problem with the Vst3 plugins…

Try the Vst2 plugins and see if that helps. (something to do with Steinberg implementation)

This has been discussed in this forum.


As LivingEdge stated, VST3 does not work correctly. Until Steinberg fixes that (they implemented the standard) use the VST 2 version. Works just fine passing all the information.

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Yes I tried the VST 2 and it works well, thanks all