Cannot Download Scaler 2.8.2 From Plugin Boutique

When selecting “Windows” and “Scaler 2 v 2.8.2” from their website, once you click download it sends yout the mac package installer. Another strange occurrence was that previously I could see all the legacy versions. Now I only see 2.3.0 and 2.8.2. Please fix this I really want to install the new version and see if it now finally works properly with Cubase. Scaler 2 v2.3.0 does not allow midi routing it seems. Henve why I came here to report this issue, as I could find no place to get support from Plugin Boutique and imagine this is something Scaler 2’s team would have to escalate in PB anyways.

it seems to be working for me. select 2.8.2 and click on the Windows logo. press download → exe. select Apple → pkg.

You need to contact Plugin Boutique support directly. They won’t see it here. Scaler just sells through Plugin Boutique.

OK this one was my own mistake. I was selecting the Win/MC radio button from the download item below. /slaps forehead.

But I still cannot access the legacy downloads. Ill contact PB about that.

Thanks everyone for you help.

This issue is now resolved.