Cannot view the pattern window in Scalre2

After several months of music inactivity, I want to start again working with Scaler in FL-Studio.
When I used Scaler2 the first time, I could see a pattern widow in which I could build up a series of chords. But today, when I open Scaler2 plugin, I no longer see this window (see attached schreenshot. I only see a scale window with a selection of octave and those chords are ready-only.
How can I fix this problem ?

Further to my frst comment, here is attached what I should have in display on my screen. The bottom part with the pattern does not exist

for me

It does exist, it’s just offscreen. You should probably reset your viewing size.

If you click on the Scaler Settings(cog) you can adjust your view size there under Preferences. If you want to (re-)set it globally or can’t get to it for some reason, follow below.

Inside the documents folder for the Scaler application is ScalerSettings.exe:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Plugin Boutique\Scaler2\ScalerSettings.exe

You can use it to (re-)set the default view size. You may have to right-click and run ScalerSettings.exe in Administrator mode (unsure).

Note: Inside your DAW you may also be able to resize the Scaler gui, but I’m not going there. Hope it helps. :wink:

BTW, with the recent version 2.2 the navigation is even easier.

With this, Scaler opens directly the selected section and it will be displayed

Go to Plugin Boutique site, open your account and download the last version.

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