Can't seem to upgrade to Scaler 2.5


I’m baffled by the fact that my 2.5 download doesn’t seem to change anything. As far as I can tell, despite installing successfully, I still only have v.2.4 (i.e. no “Suggest” button). My DAW is Ableton Live if that makes any difference. Am I missing something obvious, or doing something stupid? When installing the .exe file it’s definitely “Scaler_2.5.0_Windows” with modified date of 17/11/2021, so I just can’t work out why it’s not upgrading when I open it.

Any thoughts or suggestions most welcome.

First check in c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and check the Scaler copies in there. It should look like this

The VST2 location will depend on where you specified their location to be, and should be like this.
vst 2

Try deleting the old versions and re-installing. Also, might be worth running as an admin when you install. (presumably you did a rescan in Live)

Sorry @don1thedon , but your suggestion was more useful than mine anyway :grin:

Are you sure that the 2.5 install is writing the dll & vst3 files into the correct folders? The new dll & vst3 files should also have dates of 17/11/2021, maybe Ableton is still seeing your old 2.4 files because they have not been overwritten?
Ha @yorkeman beat me to it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey you guys, genius!

What I wasn’t doing in the re-scan in Live was scanning the VST3 folder. Didn’t realise I needed to.

Having done that now, it’s worked!

Thanks so much to both of you.

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