Capture Scaler chords from Gig Performer

I understand i can supposedly run gig performer in a DAW. Presumably, I could capture the chord/arp midi from scaler or komplete kontrol used inside gig performer. I would rather avoid that if possible.
Otherwise, the default record out option in gig performer only captures INCOMING midi.
Does anyone know how to send out or capture scaler chord midi from the standalone gig performer?
i thought it might be possible with midi settings in gig performer or possibly with Blue Cat’s software or something similar.

I’ve never heard of running Gig Performer in a DAW. It’s only designed for stand Alone performance AFAIK. What is it you are trying to do with it?

No, you cannot — Gig Performer is explicitly designed to be a standalone plugin host for live performance. It’s not a plugin that can be pulled into a DAW. For what it’s worth, think of Gig Performer as part of your instrument (just like you one might view your guitar pedals) rather than as part of the recording process.

That said, it is quite easy to route audio and MIDI between Gig Performer and other DAWs and there are several articles on our blog that describe how to do this.

I posted a message about this on GP’s forum. I looked the blog over and saw nothing that answered my question after a quick glance .

I want to record GP’s scaler chord and performance midi (scalers out) in addition to the GP track input midi (single notes) and track audio.

Gig Performer is not a DAW. We allow all incoming MIDI from physical devices to be recorded so that you can (later) reproduce what those physical devices delivered. If you want to capture processed MIDI data, then route your MIDI plugin through a GP MIDI Out block that your DAW can capture.