Capturing voicings

Hi all,

I’m curious to know if it’s possible to capture the different voicings from the drop down menu (‘Dynamic’ etc) straight into the pads. I can do it by exporting and then re-importing the midi, but would love to just save them directly.

My aim is to have columns of variations eg Min 7s, then rows with different voicings. I work in a dance music genre with not much use for progressions, so I’d just like to have a set of different voicings in one key that I can then transpose.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Kunekshan Scaler can do all of that - in many ways! Unfortunately it requires getting to know it a bit better. The manual and my videos on Youtube are handy, and the official Scaler 2 course is the sure fire way of getting to understand it best. But for now here’s two bits of info that may help!

Extract and Apply Voicing:
Generate Parallel Harmony 1
Generate Parallel Harmony 2

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Thanks for this @davide! Those look like helpful reference videos, will watch them through over coming days.

I think the voicing he extracts was already present in one of the chords though. If I set up a F Min triad on a pad and then turn on one of the global voicings like Dynamic, I don’t think I can extract the global voicing?

Yes no problem. Just extract and apply to any chord. Turn off global voicing and it will still be there.