Change chords with sustain pedal

Is it possible to assign the midi incoming from the sustain pedal to switch chord sets via the binding midi sections? I am trying to perform with different chords and would love to utilize my feet to change the chords so my fingers can all be available for playing each note in a given chord.

Hi @ryanjamescarr and welcome. Interesting concept and it sounds good. I guess questions would be can you cycle through bound area if in main page or through patterns if in pad view? We can discuss that internally cheers for feedback.

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Just following up on this @davide to see if there has been any way to assign a midi function to change the chords through bound area or in pad view. either one would be great. I like using as many fingers as I can to play realistically and it would be nice to have my hands freed up to not have to select each chord. Ideally would love to have it linked to the expression pedal so I can continue using the sustain pedal. Not sure if this is included in the new update or if there is a creative work around to achieve this.

I haven’t tried it but you should be able to assign PREVIOUS and NEXT to an expression pedals CC

im trying to right now. but as I activate the expression pedal it doesnt change the chord. ive tried on the binding mode a and c. any help?

the expression pedal changes the “keys lock” menu when I assign it to the “c” section. it should change the chords within the c section, right? weird.

we are so close! would really be happy if I could figure this out. scaler is the most helpful plug in ive ever bought.

i’m also open to the creative suggestions. maybe an external midi foot switch of some kind that you think would work. id love to select the different chords with my feet so my hands can do more natural playing with the chord individual notes option. @davide

@ryanjamescarr Do you want to switch chord sets or individual chords. Could you please elaborate on what you want to do exactly? Thanks.

I want to switch individual chords. I just purchased the Keith McMillan 12 step which is a foot controlled bass midi pedal. It’ll allow me to select the chords with my feet and then solely play the individual notes with my two hands, not having to worry about switching chords with my hands. I’ll let you know how it works. @davide

I would love to be able to have at least 3 octaves of each chord to play with the individual chord note option, vs just 2 octaves. Is this possible?

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We are looking to improve the width of the melody area in future.