Change Individual Notes in a Performance?


I should know this but I don’t: Is it possible to change individual notes in a performance - riffs, melodies, etc. - within Scaler 2, without having to drag the midi into my DAW? If not, is something more basic possible - changing the octave of one note in a performance, or even a chord?

Here’s my specific use-case: I’ve got a progression I like. I’ve got it performing differently on different tracks. I’ve got a bass performance on one track I like, but one note falls below the useable scale. I want that move that one note - not the entire chord-based single-note measure - up an octave. I can’t remember if or how I can do that without using my DAW to rewrite the line.

At the moment there is no way to do that without committing to DAW recorded MIDI or putting a MIDI note mapping device like Cubase and some other DAWs have available, between Scaler and the output instrument and give it a specific instruction. Looks like you are using it on iOS so I think the mapping of MIDI notes may be limited there. As much as I like my iPad for many things I don’t like it much for music production.
In any event, sometime late this year Scaler 3 may come into being. We don’t know all it will bring but I know the Devs are working hard to revamp many workflow issues.

Is this what you’re after?

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This might work. I’ll try it later today. Stay tuned.

What you are suggesting changes the notes in a chord. I thought to OP was asking about changing notes in a performance (see below). Is that not what he was asking? If I didn’t understand I apologize.
Screen Shot 2024-07-05 at 5.10.02 PM

Thanks to you both. In fact, I was asking about both. The ideal would be to be able to adjust notes in a performance. But since performances are built on chords and chord movement, I thought a second-best option would be to adjust those. That was the solution I was looking for a reminder on. But I have yet to test it out regarding my performance constraints. Stay tuned!