Change Key of Entire Song

Is there an easy way to change the key of the entire song. I am setting up song chords to play with the bindings and switches. If the other musicians want to move it up or down a semitone or two what do you do? The edit page allows changes per chord, but is there a global setting I am missing.


I’m also waiting for a more convenient way

Right click either of the two buttons to the left of the ‘Main’ chord progression.

There is an easy way to do this in Scaler, especially transposing up or down a semitomone.

To change the key of the entire song, i.e. to transpose it to another key there is a tutorial here.

The update at the bottom of this tutorial will show how to transpose up or down by one or more semitones. This will transpose the whole song.

Thanks for sharing the existing methods in Scaler. I am using Cantabile as a Live Host which has midi transpose options for changing the entire song more easily.

Hi @lwhite2 , welcome to the Scaler forum!

Once you have imported the key chords of your song into Scaler, via the detect feature perhaps, you can change the scale of the chords in Scaler like so…

Click on the padlock…

And then chose “Force into Scale”…


It is better to put this function in the “C” area below, it will be more convenient.

You know, you can always drag & drop the transposed chord progression into section C :wink:

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The key is that it is cumbersome and troublesome to go from C to A

to me that approach makes sense (changing in A and moving variations into C), because this way you can have multiple different versions (transpositions) in parallel and compare them easily how they sound.

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And the beautiful sound of modulation to a different key. Beautiful and exciting.


Then consider whether it is easier to move the content of C to A, not through storage, but through drag and drop, or click to move.

You can already do that by lassoing the C section, Right Click and then Detect

Ok, considering for a moment…sounds like a circular argument for argument’s sake :laughing:

Hi. I’ve detected a chord progression via MIDI. So where’s the padlock? Do I miss something? How can force my progression into scale let’s say B?

Hi @ScalerFish

Unfortunately the current version of Scaler (2.8.1) does not allow you to do this through a transpose button (the padlock). However, there are two work-arounds for this.
The first is that if you have a short sequence in a single pattern you can use the method described in

for transposing patterns in Section C using the EDIT page.

However, if you have a longer sequence the is sped over two or more patterns in Section C the easiest method is to save the patterns to your User folder, Clear the Scaler State and then load the patterns back from your User folder and you should now be able to transpose the pattern that is in Section A.