Change Note Length

I used to know how to change the note & chord duration. I currently have them set to whole notes. I want to make them quarter notes. Please refresh my memory on how to do this.

John B

Hi @Johnbee63

the settings for the export is located just next to the “Drag MIDI” button from which you drag your progression.

A few users on Windows have reported that the note icon isn’t visible. If this is the case, you can hover over the buttons with your mouse pointer to see the length of each one. The controls still function properly, this will be fixed soon.

Yep, same issue here

Yeah, I just found that to be the case too. I think it might have been changed on mine since the last update that included the guitar settings. I could’ve sworn that the note icons were there previous to that.



How will we find out when the missing note length box issue has been fixed? It slows things down when one has to resize midi in the DAWS.


This issue has been fixed on the 1.5.1 beta update, which is only available on the forum at this stage.

If you want to try this beta version:

EDIT: This has been fixed in the 1.6 update