Change tuning

Hey guys, quite new to Scaler, so forgive me if these are obvious answers. So I’m a guitarist using Scaler and quite often pull up the chord chart guitar button on the top left to see the finger placements etc. But I tend to use Drop C and D tunings so am noticing the tuning in the chord chart is always set to standard EADGBE.

Is there a way to change this ?

Is there another way to view the chord fingering on for instance a mock virtual instrument like the attached picture as well ?

Is it possible to change the guitar to a 7 string ?

Appreciate any help, thanks guys

Hi @Harvs, welcome to the forum. The chord charts you mention are not customisable and are all based on a 6 string guitar in standard tuning.

Translating any given chord into something practical from a guitar player’s perspective is not always straight forward, and these chord charts were chosen to be the (subjectively speaking) best representation of each chord. But there is always room for improvement and not every chord is accommodated.

It’s possible different tunings may be incorporated into chord charts in future releases of Scaler, however this isn’t feasible for every tuning. At this point your best bet is to use the notes highlighted on the fretboard when mousing over a chord as a guide to figure out the best chord shape for your selected tuning.

7 string guitar fretboards have been a popular request and something we’d love to include, however it is not currently an option in Scaler 2. But we appreciate your thoughts on the matter and will take your feedback onboard.



Thanks very much @Tristan for the detailed response. Appreciate your time.