Change Voicing of a .midi on the go

Let’s say you have a chord progression with a certain velocity and note length and you don’t like how it sounds and you want to try different voicing without much work. You could easily import the .midi in scaler and preview a different voicing and then export it without losing the velocity, note length and pattern. it’ll be a fast workflow for producers. I myself spend hours trying to change 16 to 32 bars of chords to a different voicing and then end up going for a different one in the end. Please consider this, Thanks.

What DAW are you using? Maybe there is something simpler in the DAW already. For instance I can change voicing very quickly in Cubase so I don’t even need to go back into Scaler.

I’m using FL Studio 20, Sometimes I use the extracted voicing option in scaler2 and I like the chords when I enable it and then take an export.

For example, When I import a chord progression in scaler, it ignores the timing (position) and velocity, note length and all the detected chord just plays for a half note ignoring how my midi initially sounded.

it would be nice if the scaler could remember the velocity and all the other things which I mentioned.