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Hello, I have an issue while playing Scaler as a plugin for live performance or recording performance in the studio,
When I trigger and hold note in a key-lock mode called “-CHORD NOTES” or “CHORD EXTENSIONS” it plays a note from a selected chord, but when I change chord, then triggered note stops. This is not a problem for short, fast-changing notes, but when I play more ambient sounds or slower melodies it is not possible to get a smooth transition between chords. I have to stop the chord completely and then switch to a new chord.
Is there any way to solve this problem and switch chord transitions on/off? I tried plugin- called “Instachord” and there this problem is not present.
I hope I described the problem so You can understand it.


It could be called like “Hold mode options”

Hi @Lazurits

thanks for the suggestion, it is probably something we could add.
We will have a chat with the team and see what we can do.


This could make Scaler as actual plugin for performing, because for now I use it only for composing. Thank You for listening for feedback.

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Hello! I also stumbled over this behaviour in scaler 2.1. It would be great if notes that are still held when changing the chord just keep playing and only new notes follow the new chord.

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Here is a possible work around that I use for more ambient stuff. 2 Scalers running with the same chord progression but offset by a rest between chords alternating on the 2 scalers i.e. if scaler A has a chord in pad 1 Scaler B has a rest, Scaler B has the same chord as A in pad 2 while A has a rest in pad 2, etc.
Works for some ambient stuff and sound nice.


Yes, this could be short term workaround, but I would like to see this implemented in future updates. This actually is a dealbreaker to use this in live performances or jam sessions or even to compose music playing through.

Hey, how could You open and use multiple scalers at the same time? If I add two scalers, only one are triggering and second one is not reacting. I am using Logic X. Thanks!

I usually have them lock to DAW sync but if I want to trigger both at the same time from the keybard I make a MIDI Yoke. In Ableton I have an empty MIDI track and call it MIDI yoke. On the Scaler tracks I set the input to the Yoke channel. The Yoke channel sends the MIDI to both Scalers. It’s probably not the same in Logic since you are using Scaler Control I believe. I’ll try an set one up in Logic and check.

ADDENDUM: How are you using Scaler in Logic? As a MIDI FX or as an instrument?

In Logic create a track stack by holding Shift Command D or right clicking and selecting ‘Create Track Stack’ once you have multiple Scaler channels selected. Now write notes ion the track stack to trigger all scalers.

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Thanks for the answer. This technique does not work in “Chord notes” mode, only for triggering the whole chord. It is a really important detail to use this in the real-life music creating process. Is it planned to upgrade this feature in the future?

Can you explain what you mean? What is it you are trying to do?

It would be great if there was a setting you could change to sustain/hold the notes even after you trigger a chord change in the “chord notes” keys-lock mode. I think another person mentioned this, but when you change chords any existing notes are terminated automatically (which makes this feature only useful for shorter notes and not longer durations of notes).

If there was a setting you could turn on “sustain chord notes after chord changes” that would be amazing and increase the playability of Scaler when playing chords and chord notes.

WORKAROUND: in the meantime, you can use a sustain pedal to sustain certain notes as once you hold the sustain pedal your DAW will hold the note until you release it even if the chord changes in scaler (I tried this just now and it works). Not a perfect solution but a decent workaround until it gets up the priority list on the dev roadmap.

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I am trying to use “KEYS-LOCK” mode- “Chord Notes” to play through chords, changing them with one hand and playing separate notes with the second hand.
But when I changing chord, then notes from the previous chord are silenced, so Scaler could be used to play only short style notes. I am trying to get my voice here, to let know Scaler, that it would be really important to implement this feature in near future- development roadmap.

Any update about this? Haven’t been here for a while. This is the only thing that keeps me away from this beautiful plugin.