Chord description of Melodic minor

I’m not familiar with English, so I’m writing using google translation.

In Melodic minor, the IVth chord is not dominant, so the current notation is likely to cause misunderstanding.

IV7 → IV7(#11)
V7 → V7(b13)
VII min7(b5) → VII alt

I believe the above is correct.

I’m seriously learning Chords and want accurate notation.

Besides, I think V7 b9(b13) or Hmp5↓ is correct for the Vth of harmonic minor.

both reference provide very good information on these scales.
[Harmonic Minor scale - Wikipedia] Harmonic minor scale - Wikipedia
[Melodic Minor scale - Wikipedia] Minor scale - Wikipedia

V7 (dominant 7) has a strong power to return to I. It comes from the fact that V7 has a leading tone and a tritone that goes to I.

IV7 in the melodic minor scale has neither, and therefore has no dominant function. It is correct to be a 7th chord, but it is not dominant as a function within the scale.

I wish the notation was more accurate, as the scaler is great software.

you might need to “borrow” a chord to represent it then. i use something called “HookPad” as well and similar the chord representations don’t seem to always align so i search and pull an alternative chord to match “reality”. i think you can borrow from the “modulation” section in Scaler if you need to get another representation. or you might need an inversion to set it correctly.

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