Chord detection / selection

Hi, couldn´t find a similar question, sorry if it was asked before.

To test Scaler ability to detect chords I enter the following notes with my controller: (F A C) then (F B D) and finally (E B C). This chords come from my beginner piano book, which names them F - Bb - C7. Scaler correctly identifies F and Bb. But the last triad is named as Bb(b5) which I guess is right, too. Is it a way to tell Scaler to guess again or set it to C7?

Similarly, when I play the following three chords: C - D7 - F, Scaler names them C - F#/Gb dim #5 - F. Is it a way to choose the middle one as D7?

Thank you!


Hi @eldiegoefe

there is no way at the moment to “force” a specific name for a chord.
Usually it comes from inversions as the naming can be a bit ambiguous. The name shown by Scaler is not wrong but does not reflect the inverted voicing which can be confusing.

It is something that has been discussed before, and we plan on supporting alternative naming for chord at some point in order to solve this.

Thanks for the feedback.