Chord Duration


Not sure if this is possible, already suggested, or maybe a silly idea. I know there’s a global chord duration but I was wondering if it’s possible to edit that duration per chord when hitting the Play button for a sequence/row of chords.

I’ve been enjoying creating a sequence of chords in the Patterns, and then keybinding other chords I explore within Scaler or playing along with the keyboard to that pattern. While experimenting, sometimes I want to change up the rhythm / spacing between chords right there in the same window (really like the idea of just right clicking on a chord and selecting a different duration for it or something) without having to commit/export to the DAW and modify things there. Maybe I’m just lazy though!

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EDIT mode is your friend where you can do all of the above.

As David said – under edit you can do many wondrous things.


In fact, I think this kind of thinking is very good. But how many people do you really use? If you make music, why not adjust to Piano Roll?

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I usually use this method to adjust timing and try things before I start committing to the piano roll. Once I get things sort of locked in, I drag and drop to MIDI and go from there.

Thanks for the fast response! I feel like this was an obvious one haha I feel silly for missing it for sure, but I’m glad to hear it’s there! Apologies. Excited to start using the feature and draft chord progressions and ideas within Scaler quickly.

I think the current way is only suitable for playing. However, it is not suitable for music creation. If it is creation, it can be edited in piano roll.

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Maybe for you. For me… I’ve created music and never went to piano roll. Other times I have. I use what works for me and the project.

That’s good. I’m still more used to editing in Daw piano roll