Chord plays with clicks of mouse but not on keyboard

I’m having my first issue with Scaler 2. I’m using Windows, Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio, Scaler 2. I’m sending the Scaler 2 notes out to an Arranger keyboard, voice Right 3, midi channel 4, the Yamaha PSR SX900 plays the notes almost. Here’s the issue: when I click on the chord with my mouse in Scaler 2 the chord plays perfect, but when i bind A or B to my controller keyboard (have tested 3 different controller keyboards). It adds m7b5 to random keys and plays some horrid chords. The Arranger keyboard shows the chords it’s being sent and I see m7b5 added to random chords. I’ve tried different controller keyboards as well as the arranger keyboard to trigger notes in Scaler. I can’t seem to figure this out. Any help is appreciated. :thinking::grin:

In a last ditch effort to fix this, I uninstalled Scalar 2, then reinstalled it and reactivated it and the chords are playing properly now.

Hey welcome to the forum @Goodman441 and thanks for letting us know you sorted it otherwise it does become a head scratcher to our users!