Chord Progressions from SCHILLER?

Hi @Davide, @Ed1, and Scaler Team!

Since I absolutely love the music from this artist, I was wondering if you could somehow reach out to him and get some of his chord progressions into a future version of Scaler? I figured that there is some elemental magic to all his songs, since I like them all. And what they have in common is lush synth backgrounds with certain emotional harmonies.

E.g. Tired feat Jaël / Schiller / Symphonia - YouTube

Thanks much!

Fantastic music and singing. Wiki tells me she is Swiss and with the ban Lunik… I need to check her out more.

Interesting. Sounds very Eighties to me. One of the songs recalled a Journey song without the bombast chorus. Good progressions although no surprises.

Thanks for the recommendation @Bernd - will do!

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Looks like it’s variations of F#m/EMaj/Bmin/DMaj/C#min. The C#min only comes in rarely near the end.
Nice moody vibe to it.