Chord Regen (Reshuffle) and Artist Genre

Loving Scaler 2
I did want to share a couple of suggestions for whatever it’s worth:

Chord Regen Button

Regenerates different chords for the same theme

As of now, I can only pick ‘Journeying,’ to use an example, to play around with a travel RPG theme. But what if I wanted to write a hundred travel themes? Same is true for Movie/Fantasy … only one? Having Scaler regenerate new chord sets per theme would be fantastic.

Artist Genre

Listing the genre in parenthesis next to the artists/composers would be very helpful since some users, maybe even most, don’t know a lot of the names and have to google them up just to find out if they want to use their chords. But having (‘cinematic fantasy’) or whatever next to such and such name would solve that.