Chord suggested in modulation panel not found in search

I made an eight chord pattern in pattern 1 and found a new chord I liked in the modulation tab. I didn’t want to replace anything in Pattern 1 with the new chord, I wanted to “copy it to the clipboard” or “drag it onto Pattern 2” and neither of these seems to be possible, which is annoying. I remembered the chord name (G# Maj7 # 11 / C) and then went back to the Main tab, and entered this name into the search bar, but the chord is not found. Now when I go back to modulation to try some other way to recover it, the suggested modulations are different and that chord does not even get suggested to me anymore. So, Scaler teased me with this chord and won’t give it to me. Not very nice!

Obviously there are a few different improvements that could be made to this workflow. Am I missing something or do I have to wait until I get lucky with some updated version?

Hi @pythagoras. It should be pretty straightforward to add chords from the modulation page to any of your patterns. If you’re not using the ‘Progression’ modulation preset, you can just create and select a new pattern e.g. Pattern 2, and drag a chord into one of the pads.

If you are using the progression preset, selecting a new pattern will change what the modulation page is displaying. So you can instead right click on any chord, and hover over ‘Add Chord To’ you get a few options. Add to New Pattern will create a new pattern and add that chord there, or add to specific lets you select an already created pattern and add it to the end.

Hope this helps!

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