Chords in builder change keys

If I have carefully picked chords laid down in the builder, then change song, artist, or user sets in the browser to search for new chord ideas, my chords in the builder will change keys to the browser selection. I want to lock down the key in the builder, but change the key of the browser selection to match what I’m building. Is this possible? Am I missing something?

Hi @chordbluz

this is the expected behavior and you can’t lock the scale, but you can use the “Detect” button located in the left hand side of the section C to re-run a detection on the content of the builder.

This allows you to browse content while continuously detecting the scale of each chordset, then add chords from any scale and re-detect.

It is a slightly different workflow than other software but it allows us to be more accurate when detecting scales and modes:

For example if you use chords from the “C Major scale” and chords from the “A Minor scale” the progression you create might not be in “C Major” or “A minor” but could be in another mode.
If you had “locked” the scale in “C Major” at the beginning you might not realize that you are now in another mode like “G Mixolydian” for example. (All 3 modes in this example are from the same family and contain the same chords, but the function they occupy is different in each mode so it might change the way you want to use them).


I am suggesting an optional button to lock in the scale I choose in the builder. What if I want to stay in the key of C because that is best for my vocal range? Then I could add out-of-scale chords like from the parallel minor, flatted seventh, or modulated chords and not have the program change my preferred key.

@chordbluz Yes indeed this is a very useful feature which we are adding later this year in a much more versatile GUI which allows not only for a locked scales but modulated / borrowed and other chord function types. ATM the workarounds are as Ed explained. Stay tuned!