Chords/scales not working in Ableton

Hi folks,
Trying to use Scaler in Live 10. I have my Midi track setup to receive from Scaler on a separate track, and I can hear notes when playing my keyboard. Scaler shows these being pressed on its keyboard display as well.

However when clicking on a chord pad, or trying to play chords via binding to section A/B, I have no response on the synth/sound midi track.
Could anyone advise as to what I’m doing wrong?


You have the input set to Scaler but where it says Post FX it should say Scaler as well. And the Monitor on that track should be set to IN.

Thanks - I am following this video where the Scaler instance’s monitor is set to IN.

I also don’t have scaler as an option in the Input Channel - only Post and Pre FX.

If you are using the VST version of Scaler 2. Your set up should look like this -

If you are using the VST3 version it should look like this -

Do you see this under VST plugins? -
Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 1.39.06 PM
What OS are you? Mine is Mac OS 10.13.6 What version of Scaler are you using? 2.5 is the latest.