Coming in New at v2.7

2.7 is my first version of Scaler, and I’d like recommendations for absolute beginner guide/tutorial information for starting out. I’m on Win10, and have been going through the manual, which is very useful. There is an impressive amount of information out there covering Scaler from the earliest incarnations, I’d like to be confident in a starting place for tutorials coming in at 2.7. Thanks for any help!

Ahhh, the unicorn tutorial series…don’t we wish. :slight_smile:

Welcome micT

If you stick with Scaler 2+ videos and above, you will get most of the fundamentals of how Scaler works and what people do with it. The point releases added functionality but the basics are pretty solid.

Scaler is used in many ways so the range of info can feel a but overwhelming to start. If you explore some of the tutorials here on the site and search for beginner, you will find all kinds of creators and styles that fit your interest and skill level. Davide on the SOS channel is a great resource…but I’m sure you have already found that.

Good luck, you’ve jumped into Scaler at an exciting time.

You can find these on YouTube

Thank you. Needing to narrow down the info available to start from “zero” is a good problem to have :slight_smile:

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