Common Chords - Chart, App, Tool that will list?

Hey all,

I’ve been reading through posts about this topic and it seems there is still some contention about this withing Scaler. For me, I guess I can get lost while searching chords, especially when I’d like to find a possible “Common chord” that I could use to modulate to a new key. Does any know of a chart or App or anything (besides BIAB) that could be used along side Scaler for this?

Many thanks.

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Hooktheory + Hookpad

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Just playing around in “Secondardy Scale” Modulation mode. Seems you can reference visably what keys might have common chords there. With current selected scale and selected destination scale.

Wondering is there some inventive workflow within Scaler to find everything quickly rather then clicking around so many scales and referencing again and again?

Welcome any more recommendations too… ;>