Configure Multi Voice output in Bitwig

I have one instrument track with Scaler and one instrument track with Kontakt 7.
The output from scaler is configured as: Notes to Track Kontakt 7
The input from Kontakt 7 is configured as Notes Input: All ins.

Unfortunately the individual midi channels in Kontakt 7 are not functioning as expected.
What am I doing wrong?

I set the Kontakt instrument input from Scaler. For Multi Kontakt needs to be using separate instruments on different MIDI channels. Scaler handles MIDI MMO like this if I recall - MIDI Channel 1 = ALL notes, MIDI Channel 2 = Lowest notes, MIDI Channel 3 = Next notes up, etc.

Do you have Scaler set to use MMO?

Hi Jamieh,
Thanks for your response. Yes I did set Multi Voice Output to ON and the Kontakt picture in your response looks very simular to my Kontakt setup.

I also have the Kontakt channel set like this -

Hi Jamieh,
My Kontakt inspector looks a little bit different

Yeah, so you are telling all MIDI signals coming into Kontakt to be routed to only channel 2. That means you are removing any MMO information.
Set Channels to ALL>Same. Seems to work for me although I don’t do MIDI multichannel that way. I use different Kontakts set to each channel on different tracks. Much better control.