Congratulations on the Scaler EQ release!

Davide and team

Just saw some of the intro videos and great to see the release, and all the supportive feedback! You guys are certainly keeping the Scaler Innovation Train rolling along.

Hope you get some sleep in the coming days.


Indeed! I find the EQ quite unique and easy to use. It sounds great and I haven’t even tried it in a sound design capacity yet. Well done! Can’t wait to see what you guys are cooking up next.
Cheers and thanks again!


Thanks vert much @TMacD @jamieh I very much appreciate that.

It’s not a decision we took lightly to invest such time in making a new product but just like Scaler 2 I was desperate for something to help me do something easier. Whilst we were in early production phase of something else major (which doesn’t require much guesswork!) we thought we should make it.
The team at KoalaDSP and @jchdejong are hugely talented developers and musicians and they deeply cared about making this special so a big thank you to them and to everyone at samplify including @Tristan @James and everyone else involved.

I must say that even though there is always room for improvement I do dearly love Scaler EQ.

I am very excited for 2024 and I really hope we get a smile on everyones faces here with some big announcements!


just purchased yesterday and already used it on two mixes - one used for bass to add upper harmonics – very nice, and in another both bass adding mids, and lead guitar where the guitar as a bit piercing - so used it to cut some HF while preserving the upper mid harmonics and just perfect - still “sharp” but also tempered.

still haven’t touched on the rest of the capabilities but really a nice innovative EQ that provides those needed harmonics or suppresses the non-scale ones…

not sure if the EQ support key changes but if not, that would be one of those things that with envelope control to set the scale could be handy (or selection of presets “program” via MIDI so i can set different EQ for a given section of the song and select it). anyways - nice work and i’ll be playing it a lot more.

I could not use it a lot but i did several tests in Reaper. The other day I downloaded free Ozone 11 EQ and quickly compared them. Except for several colors they use for the bands, Scaler EQ is much better. They have basic functionallity, but Scaler EQ is more complete and more powerful product. Congrats, guys.

It was the one ‘elephant in the room’ I was only to aware of in development. We have a great solution but it wasn’t the top top priority. ATM I either automate the notes which is a pain dependent on which DAW you use, but a much easier solution is simply to have two Scaler EQs and switch between the two or have them on seperate channels.
Our solution in the the next major update is to have inbuilt ‘switches’ you can assign scale and note selections too. That will make it very easy.

I obviously agree, I need it to be if I am going to use it in big profile projects. What surprised me was the vociferous consternation and scepticism from some ‘engineers’ on a few of the known forums. “This will destroy your phase, create comb filtering, smearing, destroy your audio”. It’s just a harmless EQ like all others, based on math and physics and nothing untoward other than it has extra bells and whistles. Like all EQ’s use your ears and if it sounds right it is right. Fortunately many users on those forums have used it and now understand it does something really nice, and it’s made by mastering engineers with deep experience in EQ and coded by a team that have been making EQs for decades. Nothing untoward about it!

not a rush :slight_smile: i figured i use multiple EQ to handle the key changes, in line and control on/off or split across tracks where it makes sense and use it there.

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