Controlling PC or Mac DAW by iOS scaler 2

Is it possible to input MIDI data in the DAWs of PC or Mac ?
Using iOS scaler 2 for both composition assistance and MIDI interface.
I have not get full version because I’d like to unlock it if those things are possible.

Hi Liu and welcome to the forum. This of course should be possible as it is what scaler does but could you be more specific and list exactly what you are trying to do with what setup and software?

Thanks ,David.
I use scaler2 in studio one.
In my case, first I make melody with playing guitar in my bedroom , and then make skeleton on Studio One, then I use Scaler 2 plugin to enrich the song and arrange.
And what I want to do is making skeleton in bedroom with ios Scaler 2, and when I finish what I can do before opening the DAW, then open Studio One and past temporary rhythm pattern, and play ipad Scaler 2 like playing sampler to make the skeleton on DAW.
In summery, I want to use ipad Scaler 2 to record skeletons of songs on Studio One. Is it possible?