Cool Harmonizations

I was watching a YouTube video and the creator was showing harmonizations using Major Add 9 chords and Minor 7th chords for the major scale. Minor Add 9s and Major 7ths would work in minor scales as well. It would be cool if these could be added as standard progressions in Scaler.

Hi @tony10000

Can you clarify which video you were watching (upload a link maybe) and what you mean by

You prompted me to try a little experimentation and I found that with a minor scale then Scaler does suggest Minor Add9 and Major Add 7 depending on which degree of the scale you are using as your base.

With C min as the scale, if you select 7ths for the scale you get the following 7ths

and with 9ths selected you get

If you start from the triads and select Variations then Scaler suggests variations on the degree of the scale that are appropriate to that degree.

So all of these can be included in your composition.

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Hi Ed,

Here is the video I was referring to if you would like to check out what he is doing:

Thanks for posting the video.

One of the key points that I feel should be emphasised is the use shell chords in the bass (i.e. the bass does not play all the notes in chord, typically playing either the root and dominant or, on 7ths, root and leading note).

The two progressions that Brandon suggests at the end of the video, vi IV I V and I V vi IV, are bithe in the Common Progressions of Songs. They just use different voicings or chord variations.

In this situation I tend to create my own progression and save it to the USER section as I don’t expect Scaler to create every possible variation of a progressions for me.

Instead of progressions, I thought that those could be added to the alternate voicings section.

Sorry, I misunderstood your suggestion. I Think these voicings could be interesting in some cases, particularly for accompanying gospel songs.

Also neo soul and even some pop.