Copy/Paste Playback Performances

It would be a great feature if you could Copy/Paste within the Playback Performances tab. Cheers.

Welcome @Zachary
Can you elaborate. What are you trying to achieve so I can understand better.

Under the play back performances tab you can set each chord to have its own distinct performance. If one would like to keep the same pattern repeating you have to manually go in and pick the same sequence though two different drop down menus. i think the workflow would improve if you could simply Copy/Paste the same patten to the next chord in the progression with the option of course to pick a new pattern for variation. I’ve attached a screen for an example.Thanks for reaching out. Best, Zack

Ahh! Just lasso all the chords you want to change and change one value and it will apply to all!

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Brilliant! And faster then copy paste.

it is just what I thought to ask for

BTW, I think to remember that if you change scale (or something like that) in the editor tab, all performances, times, etc that you selected before are zeroed
I dont know if I explained it correctly
if not, I’ll do some test as far as I can