Could Salcer 2.7 be sending a MIDI Start command?

I’m not sure if this a Scaler related issue or not, but if it is then it should be looked at. If not then perhaps someone will have a suggestion. I’ve not yet fired up MIDI-OX to see if I can find the problem but will be dong that.

I use Stylus RMX drums from Spectrasonics and it has been starting pattern playback with the DAW in Stop Mode. Could Scaler be issuing a Start Command to the system? The RMX Drums instrument is not connected to Scaler in the project. Very odd problem.

I’m trying to rule out Scaler as a possible cause of this. It my be something within my own system, but the only major change to it recently was updating to Scaler 2.7. The problem began right after that. Thanks. (Cubase Pro 10, Zoom UAC-8 interface, Win 7 Pro, OS).