Crash on New Project Save - Ableton Live Scaler 1.5

Hey Edouard. Yesterday I had a conversation with Ableton about crashes that occur when I save a new project for the first time. I sent them 13 logs and the data came back as follows:
4 crashes in Live’s code
4 crashes with Kontakt 5
5 crashes with Scaler
Is there any information I have that might be useful to you in tracking that down?


Hi @jeffreyk

Depending on how old those logs files were, yes, it could be useful they are about the more recent versions of Scaler.
Did you experience those crashes recently with Scaler?

If it is older log files those issues might not be relevant anymore but you can send them and I will have a look.

Shall I mail them to you? They are not authorized for upload.

Yes, you can email them. Thanks