Create base for relaxing music

Create Basis for Relaxing Music

Hello my friends,
I needed some help, I am new to music production.

I would like to know how I can configure the Scaler 2 to use with piano (kontakt and Pads)? I still don’t have a midi controller to improve my studies!

I try to create relaxing music content for a project I have! I am using Reaper, Kontakt player…

The only thing I needed was to configure the parameters inside Scaler 2 to make the pianos (I use 2 to fill and not keep playing individual notes) playing without sounding too aggressive (tam, tam, tam), I can’t make the combinations to sound like meditation music or someone playing naturally.

Thank you all very much!

Maybe this tutorial will help you

@davide has many great learning tutorials in the School of Synthesis YT channel.

The Voicing and Humanize functions in Scaler are probably most what you need, as well as maybe slowing the rate of chord progressions. Using Pad sounds as well as piano helps make the relaxing style you seek…

Hello my friend,

I had seen many videos from Davide’s channel, but this one went unnoticed!

I will try to do what you suggested, thanks a lot for the help!

Glad to help … have a successful musical journey