Create Chord Sets From Midi?

Hi everyone!

I have so many midi progressions saved. Wondering if there is an easy way to create chord sets from this?

Sorry if its a basic question. Cant seem to figure it out at all and really want to do it!


Hi @gmsslik

Welcome to the forum. If I understand your question you have midi files for which you want to create chord sets.

If these files have chords in them this is exactly what the DETECT function is designed for. simply arm DETECT MIDI, drag the midi file onto Scaler and it will detect the chords. Then drag the detected chords into Section C and SAVE the chordset.

If your midi file is melodic (i.e. has no or very few chords), again arm DETECT MIDI, drag the midi file onto Scaler. In Section B Scaler will present a set of scales that may be used to harmonise the melody. You can the select a scale and then select chords from the scale to harmonise your melody.

Scaler 2.8 will not automatically create the harmony for you, but this has the advantage that you can create a harmony that suits your song giving you greater creative freedom.

You may want to watch this video on detecting audio and midi.

Hope this helps

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This is super helpful! Thank you so much!!!