Creating a Harp Gliss with Scaler 2

I just purchased Scaler 2 and although I’m still learning it, I LOVE IT!! I am curious if anyone has tried to create Harp glissandos using it with possibly the arp? I have a few tracks with unique scales and am having a difficult time creating the gliss I need in Harp libraries. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Scaler is not designed to create glissandos. Best way is to do them in the DAW. Step time set tp 1/64 and play in the notes you want of the scale you want. Remember - Scaler doesn’t do everything. Nor should it.
Here is a video of one method. Film Scoring How To: Making Harp Glisses Sound Real with Samples - YouTube
and another - How to create Harp "Glissandos" effect in 5 mins with BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover - YouTube


Thanks for the quick response, jamieh. I just thought I’d ask since it is a wonderful tool. I will checkout the videos…thank you!! :pray:t3:

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I’m sure you might be able to use a variation of the Arp trick from one of the videos directly in Scaler but not sure if you’d have as much control over the Arp as in a DAW.