Creating new chords

It would be nice in Scaler “chord creation” mode to be able to add notes one at a time (and audition the chord) and THEN commit the chord. (Rather than have to play the chord all at once to capture it for use in a progression). This feature exists in the app ChordPolyPad (as a reference) which is not nearly as functional/useful as Scaler, but this feature is REALLY useful for guitarists like me who can “build chords” just not “play them” well. It’s also nice to be able to create the optimal voicing rather than have to go search a bunch of variations to find one.

I think you can effectively do this on the CHORD page.

If you create a pattern consisting of a single rest by simply clicking on a block on the MAIN page,

takes you to the CHORD page and inserts a rest in the block

and then use the keyboard to audition notes e.g. C3. The block is now showing a C unsison indicating a single note (not really a chord as it is only one note)

Then I have clicked on F3. The block is now showing an F5 chord.

.To audition the chord just click on the block.

If you do not like the chord you can delete selected notes by clicking on them.

You can always save the chords by saving thh pattern on the MAIN page. Then, when you wanrt to use them simply import the pattern from the USER menu on the MAIN page.


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