CTRL+A in line A possible?

it happens quite often that a series of chords in Line A is too long and goes directly in the outer space (the hard vacuum containing a low density of notes, predominantly a plasma of quavers, you know?)

I am unable to find a quick way to select all chords, invisible included, without starting the lasso on the 1st item on the left, then moving the mouse without deselecting up to the end of the outer space (that is notoriously quite large)

if a shortcut close to CTRL+A exists already, I only have to eat humble pie

otherwise, I hope this shorcut will be added

yuppers, start chomping away!

When I right-click in the gray /grey area :wink:
I see a “select all” option.

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BUT this is the oddest hot spot ever!


Well, actually… no odder than undo <=> redo :laughing:

I just lasso the lot