Custom Chord Names

I’d like to name chords in a more flexible way. I’d like “Custom Names” for chords regardless of what Scaler “thinks” a chord should be named.

I don’t care what Scaler names a chord as long as the note or notes I want are played when the pad is triggered. It would be great to be able to input a name and have Scaler use it in the same way Patters may be named. Chords could be Named – V1, V2, V3, V4, C1, C2, C3, C4 for verse and chorus chords, etc.

If I want a Chord to be named Abm7 Scaler should be able to just use that name and not impose its own internal logic on the user’s preferred chord names. A Custom Name Option would allow any pad to be named anything using 1) the same number of characters available for Chords in Scaler, or, 2), even better, longer custom names perhaps up to eight characters – similar to the naming of Patterns.



I like the idea of being able to rename chords as sometimes Scaler seems to give extended chords an unexpected name, and I would like to be able to give it the “correct” name. However I’m not sure

works for me.

Calling a chord V1, V2… does not tell me what the chord is musically. I would suggest that renaming the patterns “Verse 1”, “Verse 2”, etc., whilst keeping musical names for the chord, would be more appropriate.

The idea is to be able to name chords anything limited only by the number of characters for the name field. The “V” and “C” names were just an example. I really like an respect Scaler’s capabilities, but I’d like more flexibility in the naming of Chords. :slight_smile: