Custom Placement of Chord Triggers

Greetings, I’d like to suggest the inclusion of an option to move the chord triggers anywhere across the keyboard. Right now, chord triggers are hard bound to the C2 octave, which can be inconvenient in situations where that range is needed for other things. It would be much more flexible being able to move the chord triggers freely instead of having them fixed within the current C2 - B2 range.

Hi @carlosbtlr. On the Playback page of Scaler 2’s settings you can move the bound key range up or down in semitones or octaves. Look for the settings section called ‘BIND MIDI’.

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Hey Tristan, thanks for pointing that out, I totally missed it. Cheers.

One quick question though: if I have more than one chord pattern, is there a way to move each pattern independently to different areas of the keyboard or can they only be moved together? I see an option in the settings to switch between the different patterns, but the switch is always stuck on pattern two (as you can see in the attachment). Is this by design or is there something I’m missing here?

Captura de pantalla 2024-05-14 110454

Hi @carlosbtlr. You appear to have encountered a bug here. Thank you for brining it to our attention.

This section of Scaler’s settings changes slightly depending on which view you have active. With the MAIN view active, you can move the bound key range for all patterns and sections up or down the keyboard.

When you have the PAD view active, this section let’s you choose which pattern to move the bound keys for which sounds like what you are looking for. Unfortunately it does appear to be behaving incorrectly right now with regards to selecting a pattern so we will lodge this as a bug and address it in a future release.

Thanks again!

Hi Tristan. That’s what I thought. It’s good to have learned about this function, it’s going to be very useful once it’s working properly. Thanks for letting me know. Do you reckon this fix will be included in the next update?

Hi @carlosbtlr like I say this has been officially lodged so the plan is to get itaddressed as quickly as possible. There are a few things on the cards right now but this is amongst a few things we want to get to ASAP. We’ll certainly post here in the forum to let people know once that happens. Thanks.

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